Dean Cera has twenty-six years of experience as an artist, and has been in  about 200  art exhibitions.  

Artist, Film Producer & Director

Worldfest Houston Remi Award Winner

Dean Cera is a multimedia artist, who combines his knowledge of the human body as a master physiotherapist, with his artistic expression, to create paintings, photographs and films that celebrate the human form.

His earlier work, using a special marble technique of his own design, involved human figures flowing with rhythm, form and muted colors reminiscent of a neo-classical style. These paintings of muted tone and Renaissance style grace many homes and professional settings, transforming the space.

Through years spent exploring film, video, and photography, Cera's style evolved and currently involves an emotion driven processof dripping bolder colors across a larger canvas, using the free fall of gravity as a creative tool. The paint, driven by gravity, brings to live the vitality of the figure within; neo-expressionism.

Cera was born in Rochester, NY, and received a B.S. from the University of Brockport in Art, Music and Philosophy.  He has also studied Psychology at the graduate level and is a highly trained physiotherapist.

Cera uses his understanding of the human body and mind, gleaned from his practice in physiotherapy, to give an unusual depth of expression and emotion to the figures in his paintings. He is also photographer, award-winning filmmaker, and often composes and plays the scores which accompany his films.