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"This artists work is measured by the attention it commands and the feelings it evokes  in the viewer.  Dean Cera is a gifted artist of individuality and directness in whose works the technical, aesthetic and imaginative coalesce into powerful imagery."

"Dean presents monumental human figures whose anatomies are reminiscent of old world but subjected to and transformed by the artists vision of a new era. At the centre of these works are figures strongly drawn and set into movement, which is an exhilarating liberation into self-regeneration. The colors oscillate from cool, plain, muted grounds to colors of extreme ferocity applied in swirls, sweeps and slashes of brush strokes. In most of his works movement is flamboyant and energy released as paint and subject matter become one and the same. The paintings become vessels for private reflection."

"Dean studied at the University of Brockport and the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in art, music, and philosophy. He continued his Masters work in psychology at Nova University. Dean Cera has frequently exhibited throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. His works figure prominently in many private and corporate collections."


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